Levels & Requirements


Voting; full access to property. 24 hours labor per year required.


Voting; expedited (within 24 hours of request) access to property. 8 hours labor per year required.


Non-voting; expedited (within 72 hours of request) access to property. No labor requirement.


Non-voting; must apply for access one (1) week in advance.


  • Each member starts out at the donor level and moves up accordingly as labor requirement accumulates.
  • Each member must take personal responsibility for the actions of any guests they bring.
  • Only individuals (not groups) may have voting rights memberships. Organizations and groups cannot be members but donations are welcomed.


  • Each member must sign a liability waiver, which will be kept on file in order to expedite their access to the cave.
  • All non-members must sign a liability waiver each time before entering the cave.


Currently, payment options are limited. Please send a check for $25 made payable to the Richard Blenz Nature Conservancy to:

Sam Frushour
513 W. Dixie St.
Bloomington, IN 47403-4707

Thank you for your interest in membership, as well as your understanding of the limited joining options available at this time.

Click here for a one-page brochure intended for paper printing and distribution.


Interested in making a donation? Please follow the instructions above. Thanks for your consideration and support!