The Richard Blenz Nature Conservancy has been managing the property and cave since 2005. Recently, owner Richard donated the property to the National Speleological Society (NSS) and it is now the Richard Blenz Nature Preserve, but still managed by the RBNC.

Property Access

Access to the property and Buckner Cave will be determined in part by a person's membership level within the Conservancy. To review the membership levels and corresponding requirements, click here.

Non-member visitation to the property and cave is being permitted, although arrangements must be made a minimum of one week in advance. To ensure the greatest possibility of being granted access, it is of vital importance that each visitor reviews and understands the rules and regulations before requesting permission.

IMPORTANT: A terrible disease called White Nose Syndrome is decimating bats in the eastern United States. Any visitors requesting access to Buckner Cave who have caved in the currently-defined 17-state area must agree to comply with all gear, clothing, and equipment decontamination measures prior to being granted permission to visit the cave.

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Policies & Procedures

Each visitor to the property must review and sign a Release and Waiver of Liability Agreement form prior to being allowed visitation privileges. Persons under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign their form.
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Gas Monitoring Project

A gas monitoring project was started in 2010 to better understand the 'typical' levels of various gases within caves in relation to time of year and other weather events. Current monitoring data can be accessed by clicking here. Options for sorting and searching data will be added soon.
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Cave Map

Please be aware that cave passage detail is nearly unreadable when printed to standard 8.5x11 paper.

Graffiti Removal Project News

May 2016 Update

The work with the portable sandblaster in the Volcano Passage was wrapped up earlier this year, and equipment and supplies were removed from the area. Graffiti removal efforts with hand-held drills and wire brushes in other parts of the cave are ongoing.
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Your donations help keep Buckner Cave available. Learn how to donate by clicking here.